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Living Archive of Underground Music



GAJOOB Independent Music Database

Word Art Underground

has a small underground zine and comic distro. "I wanna distro zines and mini comics. Send flats of digest sized zines ...


is looking for not so serious bands who suck to put out a tape that will get no little-to-no distrobution whatsoever, bu...

Nail Distribution

offers a huge list of alternative, independent music. It was founded in 1995 to fulfill a specific need: To effectively ...

Fisheye Distribution

carries "... the usual noise, improv., lo-fi, and experimental non-sense that we've been peddling for years. Just a bit...

Vomitorium Distro

is looking for bands, labels, zines, patches, buttons, shirts, stickers, diy arts & crafts, diy clothes, jewelries, purs...

zerobros records

is a new independent record label located in Gent, Belgium. "We want to release records we like (genre : postrock, emoco...

Stacey Dye-Mainstreet Music

writes, "I am opening a music store in my area and would like to support local bands (or locals from anywhere else) as m...

Hitman Records

is currently providing national distribution with Soundscan monitoring to independents. National distribution to Tower, ...

CDweezl Distributing Company

is a grassroots San Francisco Bay Area consignment/placement/marketing & promotion company. Accounts included Tower, Vir...

Dirigo Music Distribution

was formed to give independent musicians the ability to get distribution to physical retail locations throughout the sta...

TribalWorld Music Distribution - Australia

is the home site and distributor for a number of Australian indie artists mainly in the didgeridoo based World Beat fiel...

Dutchy Music Import

The Dutch Music Import company for independent artists from around the world....

Rock Out The Net

Rock Out the net is a independent rock distribution cooperative made up of DIY record labels, bands, and artists....

Bifrost Distribution

Bifrost Distribution bridges the gap between independent producers and musicians by providing a conduit for them to sell...

A response to The Orchard

A response to The Orchard. "The Orchard has had a turbulent history, and is often dicussed at-length in various independ...

Cash For CDs

Get cash for used CDs! Sell those dust-gathering CDs you don't listen to anymore. Free quote, post-paid mailer and fast ... lets visitors review and rate local music stores. The site owner has been running it for 4 years n...


DOWNTOWNMUSIC GALLERY is an International Mail Order House for Musics On The Edge. Underground & Avant Jazz, Art Rock/Po...

There were 18 total results