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Living Archive of Underground Music



GAJOOB Independent Music Database

WBRS 100.1 FM

WBRS 100.1 FM, the station of Bradeis University in Waltham, Massechusetts, has an extremely open policy in regards to t...

WNET CyberRadio

features New music from new bands and artists. Hear their latest songs, in entirety....

Getting Your Songs To Market (without leaving home!)

is a video about just that. "I would recommend this video to EVERY songwriter I know!" Charlie Feldman, Vice President o...

WXDU Radio

WXDU, as a member of the Duke University Union, exists to inform, educate, and entertain both the students of Duke Unive...

The Wabbit Wadio Independent Song Exchange

is looking for contributors who have realaudio or realvideo on their sites. Wabbit WISE works as a combination RealAudi...

Tuned In Radio, The New Rhythm Of The Nation

, a one hour syndicated dance radio show that is heard on 14 stations in Canada and the United States and on the interne...

Radio Stations

list at Yahoo offers an expansive resource for indie artists. It covers stations, colleges, countries. It's huge....


is a German unconventional, independent and non -commercial radioshow which is broadcast (since 7 years already) on Radi...

Cyberage Radio

does weekly (sometimes twice a week) 4-hour traditional radio shows and makes them available on their web site for at le...

Folk Image

Folk Image has six years of archived radio shows featuring the best of melodic roots music, hosted by Jeff Gill....


is a radio show that is broadcast every wednesday at 10:00 pm on FREE RADIO OREGON HILL in richmond virginia usa. We pla... is a comprehensive search engine with information on radio stations....

On M4Radio can be heard world wide on the Internet all the time with your hosts Banzai, A.C. Aaron Childs, and the rest ... is one of the top sites for indie music information and musician community activities. Under the radio c...

VR Radio

VR Radio specializes in playing unsigned and independent artists of every genre from all over the world!. Funk to punk, ...


presenting all true indie genres - is now also on the INTERNET via RADIO MARABU every other saturday. Check out the weal...

The Musical Transportation Spree

is the first show of the new year (some might say new millennium) on KFAI and we would like to feature works by DiY arti...

Dark Wave

is the metal radio show of Radio P.FM (99.9) in France and more precisely in the North of the France (Arras). Dark Wave ...


11 Station genres playing music of independent artists and established performers on The Bud and Nancy Show, targeted to...

Rock 'n' Roots

is now webcasting at where all of our 2000 programs can be heard online. Just keep clicking on the first...

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