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GAJOOB Independent Music Database

Festival Finder

is an awesome site for those looking at performing at festivals. This things lists over 1500 festivals with lengthy deta...


has up to date listings of the festivals in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. A lot of information is held there on...

Harvest Showcase

has a dream of collecting more food for the hungry than all previous years combined AND Web Casting the three, (possibly...

Phil Simon

has been named music coordinator for the first Oregon's Kidfest in Eugene Oregon on the third weekend of July. He is re...

Harvest Showcase Music Festival

in Louisville is being held Sept. 16-18. We are keeping the deadline open until July 15th so if you can make it to Loui...

Lizard Event

takes place in Cornwall during the week of the eclipse (august 7-12th). This epic event will mix some of the freshest an...

Music Therapy 101

is a music seminar that seeks to educate students and industry professionals on the business of music. The next seminar ...

Geek Pride Festival

is being held in Boston on Oct.1-3 . They are also soliciting bands

Northern Exposure

is the annual Scottish Music Convention held in Aberdeen and has just announced the line-up of bands for its showcases o...

On the Cutting Edge of the Campfire

This is a great festival of up-and-coming as well as established singer-songwriters. Well worth checking out. The 1999 "...

Nowhere X Nowhere 2000

- 150 Bands - 4 Days - 8 Venues - Poetry Slam/Spoken Word - Raves - Film Festival - Gear Expo - March 30-31, April 1-2,...

The Henry Miller Library

, in conjunction with the Martin LaBorde Gallery Performance Series in Carmel, California is calling for artists to perf...

People's Music Network Winter Gathering 2000

is being held January 29 & 30, 2000 at The Renaissance School (35-59 81st Street at 37th Avenue, Jackson Heights, Queens...

Musicstock 2000

is accepting CD/Tape, bio, photo & website submissions....

J.R. "Bob" Dobbs and The Church of the SubGenius

are seeking musicians, performers, videographers, lurkers, wankers, gawkers, mutants, and weirdoes to join them once aga...


is a bluegrass music festival with celtic, jazz, swing and americana music featured on 5 states beginning at 8:30pm on T...

Superfly Productions

announces the forming of Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio, Primus bassist Les Claypool, and drummer Stewart Copeland, form...


at Folklore Village, Dodgeville, Wisconsin (near Madison), August 17-20, 2000 (Thursday through Sunday). Registration in...

Prometheus X Productions

announces the 2000 KUDZU Film Festival (Oct. 18-22, 2000 in Athens, Georgia). Awards were presented in 1999 for the foll...

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