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GAJOOB Independent Music Database

Alexander Publishing

has four online teacher assisted recording classes. Working with an engineer, each class teaches you how to record and m...

Multimedia Music Theory Tutorial

is a six-part tutorial is a concise summary of the most important concepts in music. It contains buttons which you can ...

gavin parker

offers nyc area: violin, mandolin, 12 string acoust gtr avail. for gigs, demos, tour with brit guy with, reg gi...

offers unbeatable music theory from a world-class arranger and guitarist. First 58 pages and musical instruments referen...

provides contemporary methods for piano, ear training, chords, and jazz voicings. We also have jazz standard fake books ...

Bird Songs

-- "How does a bird learn its song? Why does it sing? What is a bird "saying" when it sings?" A teacher's guide....

Tesla: Master of Lightning

was one of the greatest inventors of the 20th century, with over 700 worldwide patents to his name. He was a visionary g...


Learn quickly basic guitar skills. These guitar lessons are accessible to everyone (beginners are welcomed). From home y...

The Halsey Institute

The Halsey Institute of Music and Entertainment Business offers courses covering every aspect of the business. Whether y...


MASC brings the arts and culture alive for more than 145,000 children and youth each year in eastern Ontario, Outaouais ... has lots of free piano lessons online. This place is a real treasure of learning information....

Dasarathy - Online Flute Teacher

Here you'll find a blog and lessons available one-on-one via Skype....

Effortless Mastery

Effortless Mastery is a book and a concept. The concept is an attempt to give a name to the state of mind in which one c...

Practice Sight Reading

Would you like to become better at Sight Reading? Rhythm is the most important part of sight reading. If you play wrong...

Music Tech Tutorials

Why not create a single site that links to all the great music tech tutorials that are out there?! All the posts will be...

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