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Mental Anguish

Frozen Lake

Frozen Lake cover

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Rec Feb 25th 2016 at Harsh Reality Music by Chris Phinney Mixed Feb 27th 2016 at Harsh Reality Music by Chris Phinney instruments equipment used:  Audiotechnica AT-RMX64 4 track 6 channel recorder mixer on Maxell chrome hi bias cassette tape. Mixed down to digital from Audiotechnica to Sony stand alone Compact Disc Recorder RCD-W5000NV100 to TDK cdr. Moog Rogue, Digitech Digital Delay Sampler 7.6 Second Time Machine, Homemade Ring Modulator, Art Proverb 200, Boss Distortion DS-1, lbanez Analog Delay, Boss Digital Sampler/Delay DSD-2 First solo recording in 5 years, after a self-imposed hiatus. Inspired by Hal McGee & all the other artists musicians l have worked with since 1981. Inspired by life itself as well. A sound painting audio sculpture meant to epict a trip on ice boat across a vast frozen lake, does the artist make it across or? Only you can depict that scenario by listening in full & interpreting the images the sounds draw in your mind. But also interpret the sound sculpture in your mind as you will. You can see further info on Frozen Lake at HalTapes http://www.haltapes.com/frozen-lake.html Contact Hal McGee for any additional info.

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