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Slow Buildings is a well-established Northern New Jersey band. It is centered around the songwriting skills of lead singer/guitarist Jason Legacy, who first began recording as Slow Buildings in 2005. Bassist Chris Basile has contributed his powerful yet melodic playing to the band since 2010. Past members have included drummers Ted Legacy and Zee, and guitarist Oce Dytioco. Slow Buildings have performed at numerous venues in the NY/NJ area since Sept. 2009 to ever-growing audiences, including Arlene’s Grocery, Fontana’s, Pianos, the Clash Bar, The Delancey, Loop Lounge, The Whiskey Bar, Brighton Bar and Dingbatz.


Talk about your writing process. Do you develop songs with the band or do you spend time working them out beforehand? I was struck by how you infuse your songs with lots of melodic guitar lines, riffs -- often many stylistically differing phrases in one song.

Most songs are at least 2/3 written before I bring them to the band, and many are fully arranged already. ~dquoteGlass Joe~dquote I wrote quickly one night, while feeling really socially inept and mad, so it came out in a quick burst. That one I had fully arranged before I brought it to the band, except for the bridge with the harmonies which got banged out during rehearsal. Other songs can take an annoyingly long time to write! I do love little riffs and counterpoint melodies, and I like bands that have a lot of them. I try to keep the style consistent within a song, but because I've diverse influences I suppose I get some weird stylistic mixtures sometimes.

Well, I really enjoy those mixtures in your music. The doo wop harmonies surprised me in a good way; how you couple that with a kind of mod/psych/pop mixture that is quite unique -- I like it. How did you decide to make the Joe remixes which take up much of this ep?

Thanks. Well I like cd's and eps with themes, so I figured we'd do variations on ~dquoteGlass Joe~dquote. ~dquoteSlow Joe~dquote is something we'll play at the end of a 5-hour rehearsal when we're too exhausted to play ~dquoteGlass Joe~dquote at full speed lol. We started a proper studio version but it didn't have the excitement of the rehearsal tape, so I put the rehearsal on the ep, which is pretty much improvised. The ~dquoteBroken Joe~dquote remix I just tried to make interesting, but still have it kind of build up like a rock song would. It's short but it's actually my fav thing on there. It's all just cut up from the original, with extra echo and delay added on.

Do you ever release your stems to the commons for others to make remixes?

Um no, though I would like to get into that more because I appreciate a really good remix... I've really just been focusing on writing and performing the past 2 years.

Where was the album recorded?

We decided to bypass a big studio and recorded in my apartment. It was the same way I'd recorded my first 2 cds, only this time with a very loud band. I had a great landlord, who's also a good friend, and she was incredibly understanding of our constant noise. All the rehearsals and recording sessions, she was very nice to us.

Tell me about your recording setup.

At first I tried recording in ProTools 9, but to be honest my learning curve was interfering with capturing the music, so I went back to my old Cubase VST. I also used Acid Pro and SonikSynth plug-ins. In general we used a lot of Shure 58 mics, most tracks we close mic'd everything. Pretty indie set up I'd guess.

Are you working on an album?

Yes! It's done, actually, just finished it a month ago. It's tentatively titled A Fresh Slice, and it'll be out around Feb, whatever it's called lol. I'm pretty excited. Half of the cd is new material from the past year. And the other half is somewhat older songs, all live favorites from the past couple years.


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