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Spark I

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Cory Bengtsen - sampler, keyboards, saxophone, turntable. Bob Newell- sampler, keyboards, percussion, drum machine. Mike Richards Guitars, effects, drums, percussion, keyboards, tapes. Phil Klampe keyboards, sampler. D. Petri & Gus Kumo - post editing, mixing, mastering, and various art works. Amalgamated is a collaboration of Illinois, USA -based multi- instrumentalists Mike Richards (Rebekah's Tape, main operator of Makeshift Music, etc./Intangible Cat), Cory Bengtsen (Rebekah's Tape), Bob Newell (Headless Ballerinas Underwater), Phillip Klampe (Homogenized Terrestrials), and producers D. Petri (Dog Hallucination), and Gus Kumo (Gushing Cloud). In 2004 the instrumentalists of the group began gathering periodically with a 4 track cassette recorder or 16 track digital recorder to record their improvisations. Resulting first in the 3" cdr SPARK l, with SPARK ll due late summer 2012, and a full-length multimedia album/book due in the fall, the group continues to work on editing and mixing many different sessions which constitute many different approaches and moods. Amalgamated music tends to be moderately electronic, semi-ambient, sometimes noise-oriented, periodically industrial. Listeners may discern influences of artists such as Nurse With Wound, Brian Eno, Autechre, and miscellaneous psychedelic/noise musics across different time periods and affiliations. ln the future the group will likely continue their pattern of recording improvisations and editing/finessing them in post production to create final products.

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