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Mousey the Elephant

A Letter (of sorts)

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The field recordings on this release are a collection of sounds gathered in the last 3 years from 3 different states i've visited - Tennessee, Mississippi, and Florida. The track "Midtown Session" was originally made for the "L is for.." compilation on Black Circle Records under the artist's other project "Coma Centauri." He then later decided to adopt it to the "Mousey the Elephant" project as it seemed more fitting. The instruments used in "A Letter (of sorts)" are a detuned violin, Tibetan singing bowl, EMX-1, ESX, plucked fishing pole string, and drum sticks. The recorder itself is a handheld Sony IC Recorder connected to a Rodes Condenser Mic/Wind muff. More importantly however, "A Letter (of sorts)" is absolutely meaningless.

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