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The Proper Use of Food

The Proper Use of Food cover

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Well here it is! Fresh out of the Psych Ward and ready to be consumed! Enjoy! A big thanks goes to UWEFTBH for the man eating on the cover.


Tell us about your recording studio/setup.

Basically everything for my "Oscifer" stuff comes from my tiny basement studio (if you can call it that). Everything is set up around Ableton Live. I use a lot of custom designed patches in Operator--it's such a clean and effective synth. I do a bit of designing in Reaktor, but not a whole lot. I plan on starting Max/Msp before the fall.For hardware I have a Dave Smith Desktop Evolver, a Behringer BCF2000 midi controller, a wonderful Roland TR-707 for some nice old school drums, and my newest purchase is a Doepfer Dark Energy. I'm a big fan of using obscure speech samples, so I have a collection of strange old cassette tapes I like to manipulate. All of the synths get run through (directly) my Tascam US-1800 interface and maybe a Behringer compressor. I haven't really dabbled yet with all my guitar pedals, but I'm looking forward to that once I do.

Where does the name Oscifer come from?

Oscillator + Lucifer

Ha! I thought it came the slurred way of saying "Officer". Did you get the Doepfer Dark Energy I or is the II out now? It takes a half hour to warm up before it's in tune?

I actually got the first one off analoguehaven. It doesn't seem to take time to warm up and tune. Though it might, I should look into that huh?

This album makes me mad that I loaned my 707 to the son of a work friend and never got it back. Dang! You have a lot of different approaches to your percussion on this album. Do you spend a lot of time on this? Tell me one of your percussion secrets.

Drums are always such a fun and painful thing to program. I really love just the basic 4/4 kick-hat-snare combo, but I equally love glitchy, schizophrenic drum patters. The drums on the second track all came from sounds programmed on the Evolver. Track 1 and 4 both use cr-78 samples (I love that snare) and are relatively predictable patterns. Track 3's drums are probably the most bizarre. It's basically 3 separate midi channels (one for the kick, and 2 for those click sounds) and they have a bunch of different midi tracks automated to launch another track at intervals of either 1/16 or 1/8ths (or something like that). That gives it that glitchy feel since there's no actual set time it's going to play. The one click sound is just on a constant loop to play on the second beat of the bar so there is at least some discernible rhythm. Track 7's drums are also fun. It's just a highly syncopated rhythm that I'm adding effects to to glitch it up

Are you going to make stems available like you did for a few tracks on your previous album? Do you have any favorite remixes of your material?

Oh, they'll be up in a bit. There hasn't been many remixes of my stuff (give me more!!) but there was one remix of my band To The Brink!'s song "Every Passing Moment" by a friend/fellow Noisy Arcade artist that I think is just so good and funny. You can listen to it here: LINK

Brilliant! We must remedy this lack of remix action. (note to readers: there are 3 packages available from Oscifer's first album -- search for it on Are you performing?

Not as Oscifer, no. But with all this new hardware I think I might start planning out a live act. But I do sing and play guitar in my band, and we have some shows coming up.

I think the Noisy Arcade website is very cool. Tell us about your label.

Thank you! Basically it's just a place where artists can put their music, in the hopes of more people finding them. It's really small right now but we're looking to expand. It started after talking with my friend who puts out music under PixlCrushr. He's great with web design so that was all him. We release everything under creative commons and we don't want any money from the artists themselves. We just wanted to create a friendly and cheap environment to release and promote music. We are always accepting submissions, so if anyone is interested head over to the site! We like all genres, but the weirder the better!

What's next for Oscifer?

I'll keep on putting out stuff on a regular basis (hopefully). I've got some ideas floating around for my ambient side project Give Me Kate Gompert. I'm also re-arranging my "studio" (again, it's basically a basement) to fit all my equipment. I've also got probably about 2 LP's worth of unfinished material that I need to get working on. My big plan right now is to keep Noisy Arcade growing, attracting more artists and definitely more listeners. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview!

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