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Cherry Creek

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Tell me everything about writing and recording "I've Given Up Again."

In April of 2010, I stopped taking the anti-depressant that I had been taking for ten years. Lots of really crappy things happened to me over the next 8 months. It was probably the worst time I could have ever picked to go off meds. Who knew? By November, I "gave up" and went back on (different) meds. I took the first pill the day after Thanksgiving. By late afternoon, I was sitting in front a microphone with a guitar, pretty much writing this song on the spot. It was one of those songs that came completely together in about 10 minutes, and I think it's the best "pop" song I've written in years and years. I kept the original scratch vocal for the final version because you can hear my voice crack at one point. That was pure emotion, not a mistake. I added the rest of the instrumentation the same day. It sat until January...when I recorded almost all the other songs on the album.

Acoustic guitar has more of a presence on this album than usual for you (definitely not an acoustic album though). I like how you mix acoustic guitar with overdriven electric rhythm guitars. Tell me how you recorded your acoustic guitar.

Always having an acoustic jangling behind overdrive guitars is a trick I learned from KISS, most notably the "Dressed To Kill" album, although I think when they remastered that album, they removed the acoustics completely. Idiots. Anyway...I like recording with acoustic guitars a lot, I just haven't had one around for years. Evan lent me one last Fall, which was perfect timing, because you can't really record a depressing album like this without an acoustic guitar It's a Yamaha FG-75, which probably means nothing to anyone.. I recorded it with an SM57, and I'm very proud of how it sounds on the album, because in person it sounds like shit.

"I Don't Know What I'd Do" is a such beautiful, heartfelt lyric for a Ramones-type guitar bang. Tell me about the lyric and (I've gotta ask) what came first -- the lyric or the arrangement?

It is a thank you song to my wife for helping me through and putting up with my complete emotional train wreck, which climaxed in early January 2011. This was a very unusual album for me, because all of the lyrics came first except for the first two songs. I don't ever write lyrics ahead of time anymore. In fact, I've had about enough of writing lyrics altogether.

To me, this album is a wholly artistic work, laying bare a personal part of your life; but your characteristic humor manages to remain intact. Also there's lots of the expected Stedman ear candy, but your lyrical voice is more the focus. Tell me about that.

Well, I managed to write in a notebook while this crap was all going on. Usually when I'm crashing, the last thing i feel like doing is anything creative. This time was different. This was obviously a "concept album", When I played it for Evan, he said it reminded him of Pink Floyd's "Animals". That's a huge compliment as far as I'm concerned, because no one's better at writing songs about being fucked in the head than Roger Waters. Roger Waters Pink Floyd was a huge influence on me when I was a kid.

Cherry Creek encapsulates the album extremely well for me. What do you mean when you say, "Cherry Creek was just flooding"?

It was a metaphor for the fact that my brain was too full to take anymore.

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