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El azul helado del alba

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Peregrino is Bernardo Durand's project. He was born in Muñiz, Argentina in 1982, where he teaches literature to young boys. Bernardo started Peregrino in 2007, when he got his accordion. Bernardo also runs the label "Ahora Eterno", best known for releases from Pulmon, Sublamp and himself..."El azul helado del alba" consists of 7 tracks and has a complete duration of 44 minutes, full of warm, athmospheric and organic drone-sounds. All tracks are fitting together very homogenic. There is a metallic shimmering melody-line, a deep droning fundament and hushed strings, all elements combined to a dark, gloomy sound-sculpture. Especially the organic and dusky character of "El azul helado del alba" provides an abyssal listening-adventure. It feels like walking through an old railway tunnel or diving into a deep sea...Grab your headphones and enjoy the soothing effect of this wonderful work.


Tell me about your recording studio.

I work at home, recording in a room with a big window that shows new buildings in my neighborhood. At the moment I'm working with my PC and processing sounds with my tape recorder. I have speakers from seventies. Their sound is warm.

Describe the primal nature of your recordings.

My goal is that who is listening has absolutely freedom with my music. I would like add something good to this world. I believe in John Keats, John Clare and Angelus Silesius. Music is a searching. I believe in this.

Can you share with me how you created the track, "La Vuelta de Los Animales"?

El azul helado del alba is my darkest record at the moment. It is like a deep forest or like deep waters. Leopoldo Marechal, an Argentinean writer, wrote in a book about your hero, Adán Buenosayres that he did a big mistake: his hero stood in a hell without possibility of any exit. It can remember to us the writings of Joseph Campbell. I think that "La vuelta de los animales" is the perfect reverse of the whole record. There is a track, "El silencio de los animales" that it is the contrary of this track. This track remembers me some verse of Rilke. Its function is to generate the narrative tension that will be finished with the last track, "La vuelta de los animales". I learnt this with "The Pearl".

I use for this track a sample from some work of Arvo Part, remixing and looping.

Is your music like a picture, or more like an experience?

I would like that it will an experience. Every record has the seed of the moment.

Tell me about your label, Ahora Eterno Recordings.

Ahora Eterno is a project that is started in 2008 when I released my own records. In 2010 it opens to others artists that I like or that contacted me and I felt it would be nice to be part of this. I worked with other people, Facundo Mataus and Julián Pedraza designing and Pedro Antivil Morgado making masters and sounds process in Chile.

We want to put Argentina in the map. There is a lot of beautiful music and we have to share it. Some music we released is Peregrino Pulmón and Sublamp. It is coming Hiroki Sasajima and Tanner Menard's works. These records are two beautiful and deep albums. I'm really honored with this. We have planned also other artists like Listening Mirror, Segue, Saito Koji, and we are planning a celebration with a great compilation that includes Yann Novak, Will Thomas Long, Pawn, Federico Durand, Lexithimie, Pablo Reche and others.

Ahora Eterno speaks about noble work and happiness. We believe that music has an ethical sense. Beauty can make better our spirits. "A thing of beauty is a joy for ever" said Keats in a poem. And this our objective.

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