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The End Is Insight

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Tell us about Lubrication.

Lubrication is my first audio project since the death of life long music & performance collaborator Elizabeth Was (1956 - 2004). After a 5+ year hiatus from both instrumental & studio musics, Lubrication is an auditory rite to hear myself as a solo artist while still collaborating with elements of chance, spontaneity, hearing sounds anew as well as continuing experimentation with a large & dusty collection of music instruments & sound objects.

Where does "1st Note" come from? Is there any special significance in making it a track on this record?

The 1st Note is a sample from the Fellini movie La Strada of Gelsomina after she teaches herself to play the trumpet -- meant as a lone call from the wilderness. The trumpet song is composed by Nina Rota and is also called La Strada.

Tell us about making "Spiritualist Jihad".

Was created via the website whose name I can't find at the moment that generates a sung sample of whatever words you input. There is an ambiguous message of hope & terror embedded in the sequences of samples.

Describe the environment in "Ghost Factory."

This piece is a mashup of field recordings made inside an old stone boathouse on Rock Island, a tiny island off from Door Peninsula in Wisconsin. The waves of Lake Michigan rolling into the boathouse were speaking a language of their own, one that has been unchanged for almost a 100 years.

Do you work with a concept in mind?

I work within an abstract cacophony of endless concepts in all directions. My task as a composer is to listen as close as possible while making decisions continually in ways that resist my personal likes & dislikes -- at the same time eliciting a coincidence of sounds that are materializing for the first time.

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