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Eye Talk

Sun and Moon

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The sibling duo of Alan and Bob Clark, known as Eye Talk, have produced and recorded three albums with an eclectic range of guest musicans since 2002. Eye Talk is known for their shimmering pop oriented crafted tunes that bring you back to the 70's radio hits from bands like England Dan & John Ford Coley


Eye Talk is the brothers Clark -- Alan writes, sings and produces/records most of the songs; Bob plays bass and brings a couple songs to blend into the mix. The sound is influenced largely by the Euro-soul sound of bands like ABC and others in their wave of studio gloss'd MIDI funque and blue-eyed soul. Eye Talk attempts to set itself apart by bringing established session artists into the studio to stoke the energy of their recordings; and while the presence of Nashville artists like John D. Willis (guitars), Wes Hightower (backing vocals), Loz Netto (guitars), and Jerry Donato (sax) add a welcome depth, Clark's production vision remains the focus throughout. Lovers of the style may find a lot to like here. -- Bryan Baker

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