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Justis Kao


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Justis Kao is a winner in the soloist category at Bandsearch 2000 sponsored by the Upper Room Recording Studio and placed 2nd in the "young pianists under 12" category at the Kiwanis Music Festival for piano concerto. He just completed his degree in Contemporary Writing & Production at the Berklee College of Music and he's regularly been seen performing with the Berklee Reverence Gospel Ensemble there. His 2nd album features 5 solid tracks of modern pop R&B that put his strong, emotive vocals to work on one heartfelt performance after another and ending with the beautifully orchestrated instrumental version of the "Invincible" theme. Many of the songs focus musically on Kao's piano providing strident backing to his voice and I would love to see a solo piano and vocal performance, either live or on CD as well. Recommended. -- Bryan Baker

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