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Cannonball cover

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The four musicians that comprise Zeus Fuse share a common purpose: to take the audience along with them on an intense, seductive ride. Zeus Fuse's offerings both explode and lift melodically, as their varied musical arsenal flirts with pop and heavy rock genres. Live sets are pure sensory overload, captivating the ears as well as the eyes and soul. Infused with honest, raw emotion and a dose of rage and irony, Zeus Fuse has a unique, powerfully tight sound that can be described as rough magic.


Zeusfuse fuses elements of progrock, post-grunge, and gothic. Vocalist Pete Gargano's lyrics are poetic explorations that sidestep the common ground focus and look forward as often as they grimace. The band is solid. Guitarist Ken Brown opts for acoustic foundations along with heavier riff-laden fare; and Zeusfuse can make their music run a gamut of emotions. -- Bryan Baker

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