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Whip it baby!

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BRYAN BAKER: Lovewhip is a fun ska band urging you to "love the one you whip" with its newest album, Whip it Baby! Erin Harpe is the focal point on vocals and guitar and infuses the proceedings with heartfelt energy. Kevin Leppman arranges and performs all the trombones and trumpets here, and makes it sound like a party hoppin' band. Great songs and cool slant. You'll like this one a lot. KEVIN SLICK: Silky sliding slippery grooves of liquid delight! Lovewhip is an excellent companion to a summers day. By now borrowed grooves from Africa are nothing new and if anything the ante has been upped. If you're going to incorporate Afro rhythms it had better sound fresh. Lovewhip has taken liberal doses of juju music and used it as an engine to drive a train full of good old Americana down the line. I heard a distinctive early rock and roll mixed with the freewheeling backbeat. Vocalist Erin Harpe would sound at home singing the blues or country. Lovewhip's music also features a much wider range of tempos and melodies than its cousin ska offers. It's a unique sounding album and worth hearing. With all the various groups who have sampled from the land of Africa, Lovewhip can lay claim to a singular sound and that's something special. -- Bryan Baker

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