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The Shorty Blackwells

music for mooks

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The Shorty Blackwells have quick become one of my favorite bands. I mean, if you're looking for music that is really fun, really just totally off the wall and the kind of stuff where the band just lets loose and throws everything they've got plus the kitchen sink, then this album (even more than their previous release, by golly) is what you've been waiting for. This is almost like an old-time radio program with all the different styles and takes on music, from trapset blues to sloppy hillbilly porch swing to Monkee-rock, mod-R&B, and boldfaced ballads, the boys are having one helluva good time and it shows, damnit. Jerry Springer, punk, tablas and sitars, Moody Blues, and Mozart. And that's just one song. This is highly recommended and should be on your best of the year list if you know what's good for you. -- Bryan Baker

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