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John Allen Watts

Love Ballads

Love Ballads cover


Love Ballads is collection of keyboardist/songwriter John Allen Watts' excellent bebop pop and modern AOR styled songs, interspersed with a few tracks that appear in solo demo stage from his home studio. The CD starts off with "Nobody Loves You When You're Down and Out" with Lisa Yves powerfully bebopping on top of some very hot horns and dead on percussion. Laura Berman takes the next track with equally topnotch vocal flair. Aaron Heick's sax work is sizzling throughout this CD, in fact, Watts has assembled a crew of great talent in Mauro Refosco (percussion), Mike Jaimes, Chris Hunt (guitars), Brad Albetta (bass) and others. There are plenty of showcases backed by solid songwriting to fill many an appetite for quality Pop. -- Bryan Baker

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