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The Mulchmen

Greetings From Planet Stupider

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Ya know that oldies song "Wipeout"? Imagine an entire album of 14 instrumental surf-rock songs similar in style and sound to "Wipeout". This is fun! A garage-type trio with no lyrics, thick and moody sounds and fun guitar solos. Every track appears to have been recorded live in the studio (it's got that "roomy analog sound" to it). "Greetings..." sounds like three talented musicians jamming. The 12 tracks spanning 44 minutes stay interesting and fun while never utilizing a single vocal. The Mulchmen would make great background music to an ESPN extreme sports clip presentation, or highlight clips as a music video... stuff like that! "Greetings..." is more than just retro-surf, the elements of James Bond type guitar-based instrumentals, pop, and even punk make this CD... well I guess I have to use the word again... fun! Surf's up, dudes, rock on with The Mulchmen! -- Shane Matsumoto

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