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Since this has already been reviewed once here already I'll make a brief comment on the recording. Hey guys, I don't know who did your final master but I suggest you get your money back, or if you did it yourself, next time get someone who knows what they're doing. The sound levels on digital recordings can be REALLY LOUD if you want them to be. Considering the type of music you play (thrash/punk) this should be in your face, but listening to this CD I got the impression you were holding back and I put all the blame on the master level. If you're going to compress the tracks make the required adjustment to the final mix volume to bring them back up to spec. In my opinion the recording was ruined by this. You sounded tired when you should have sounded pissed-off. Being independent or lo-fi doesn't mean you don't try to get the best recording you can. But cheer up, there's always next time. --John Gore. Infusion's six-track demo album "Surreal" provides a heavy dose of aggressive, thrashy, American death metal. Formed in late 1993 by Timothy L. Salazar (Guitar), Kyle Taylor (Drums), and Freddie Vidales (Bass/Vocals), Infusion is now a well-established band in the Phoenix, Arizona music scene. The band's sound can best be described as an uneasy blend of their influences, which include Cynic, Death, Iron Maiden, and Obituary. Infusion drags the listener through the magnified emotions of someone coming to terms with the fact that the prison walls of his life were built by his own hands. -- Craig Conley

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