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William Hooker

Hard Time

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My first impression just looking at this album was that it was going to be a Blues project. I couldn't have been more wrong. This album is a live project recorded at NYC's famous CBGB club on 8-16-94 and 12-1-95. The music is improvised electronic, techno, and noise pieces. The first track, Computer Glasses, inspired my friend to say, "This is what it sounds like in R2D2's brain," and I must agree. This album is full of Melt Down music- Acid Jazz for the new millenium. The songs are relatively formless to the listener, and the album meanders from song to song. It is difficult to tell where one concept ends and another begins, for the swirling tracks cascade into one another. Track 7, Slaughtered Lambs, breaks this cycle with a more identifiable melody and accompanying saxophone. This album is sometimes dark, and is not for the light-hearted. Strap yourself in, and prepare for the mind-ride of your life. -- Phil Simon

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