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Household Names

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Jason Garcia is a home recording artist with an appreciation for fuzztones and vocal hooks. He has a great sense of song construction and shows it off on this three song disc. I'm impressed by the amount of sounds he's crammed into these songs. Garcia makes great use of what equipment he has. This is a solo project, but has very much a band feel to it. Which band does it feel like? There's a very Beatles sort of sound as well as an XTC sensation going on in particular on the lead track. Garcia shifts sounds and tempos and gives every bit of the song it's own feeling, developing a lot of sonic space even in the generally lo-fi format. Some George Harrison textbook guitar leads puncuate the disc in all the right places. In fact, "all the right places" is a good phrase for the disc overall. He's got all the right sounds in all the right places.. -- Kevin Slick

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