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In the Wrong

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Brutal noises on the march, guitars sawed in half before your very ears! Crashing drums akimbo and high pitched noises that make your ears bleed, your head ache and your eyes water. What else do you need to know? These two discs were recorded over a period of three years across the country at various studios and performance spaces including The Knitting Factory. I wasn't surprised to see that particular spot listed as a recording site, given it's connection with the noise scene. There's a lot of stop-start, push-pull jams. Guitars squeal, drums race off in three directions, a radio enters stage left and retreats into the darkness. The sounds are jammed pretty tight here, not much space in the music. This is more like urban high speed channel surfing. The duo of Hagstrom and Vance are joined by a whole pack of fellow travelers in the noise realm and they joyfully draw sounds from outer space channeled through their instruments. Those looking for instrumental viruosity stay clear, there are clearly no rules on these discs. Not for the faint of heart. -- Bryan Baker

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