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Live at the Gate

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"Live at the Gate" sounds great for just using a 4 track and and 8 track machine on the different songs. The vocals and style sound a lot like The Eels and "Live at the Gate" incorporates lots of fresh percussive sounds. Faint of heart, beware, I have not heard the notorious F-word used as in this CD, especially in the opening track, "Walking Pneumonia". Ill Ease is Elizabeth Sharp, and a post-rock, one-woman-band that isnít close to having as good of songwriting as a The Eels or is even a good indie counterpart not exactly my cup of tea, but very interesting. Kudos to her for her creativity. Hey, Lizí, keep smoking whatever it is that is making you write such original, strange and hazy arrangements! You have my respect. -- Shane Matsumoto

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